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Nikolas Motorsport is located in Sylvan Lake Michigan. We have been providing premier service to BMW and Porsche owners for over 15 years.

Bob Nikolas joined brother David in 2000. Having spent most of his life around cars as an enthusiast, he now has the opportunity to do what he enjoys as a full time profession. Bob typically handles the business side of Nikolas Motorsport. You will see him doing service write-ups, estimates, taking care of the parts side of service and repair, and preparing bills. When you visit Nikolas Motorsport do not be surprised to see one (or both) of Bob's dogs in the office. Parker and Belle are both Certified Therapy Dogs (in addition to being awesome hunting dogs). They both work in elementary schools as part of a counseling program. Parker also works as a volunteer at Children's Hospital. If you are a dog lover, don't hesitate to visit with them. If you are not, don't worry; they stay in the office unless asked to play! In his spare time, Bob has recently begun the restoration of a 1961 Jaguar XKE.Email Bob Nikolas at bob@nikolasmotorsport.com

Mike Daubenmeyer would be considered the lead technician at Nikolas Motorsport. He has over twenty years experience servicing and repairing BMWs. He spent sixteen years in the BMW dealership organization, and achieved the level of BMW Master Certified Technician. At Nikolas Motorsport, we are proud to say Mike is a member of our team. He excels at complex diagnostics, and electronic/electrical problems. Mike also is the primary technician who rebuilds automatic transmissions at our facility. Regardless of nature of your BMW service or repair, you can be sure that Mike will care for your car properly. In his spare time, Mike enjoys watching his son Patrick play travel hockey. Mike is also in the process of restoring a 1957 Chevy.

If you visit any automotive service organization's site or shop somewhere you are going to see a note that says " customer satisfaction is our goal". Unfortunately that is not always the case. We don't have a fancy waiting room for our customers, we don't have guys with German accents to talk to you about your German car. What we do have is the best technical knowledge about your car and the parts and resources to take care of your automotive needs. Our mission is to avoid your vehicle having to come back for the same repair. If we stick to that mission, the customer satisfaction will follow. Give us a try we think you'll like it.

Nikolas Motorsport has always been involved in auto racing. Sometimes its just supporting the local club efforts, sometimes it campaigned the cars that Nikolas Motorsport has owned through the years. Racing cars does so much for the service industry. Anytime a car is on the track it undergoes tremendous stress and wear, this allows us to identify problem areas in street going vehicles and offer supreme repair solutions. You will always hear auto manufacturers stating that racing improves the breed, we feel the same way at Nikolas Motorsport.


David Nikolas founded Nikolas Motorsport in 1987 after spending over 15 years in the manufacturer dealership organizations of BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. He has specialized in the service, repair and performance tuning of BMWs for over twenty-five years. When the business was first started, David did the service write-ups, completed the work and did the bills. Today, you will typically see David assisting with diagnostics; road testing completed cars or assisting other technicians with problem vehicles. Additionally, David would typically complete engine or manual transmission rebuilds done at Nikolas Motorsport. He also has an extensive background in building, prepping and driving racecars. In addition to racing BMWs, David owns and races a March Can-Am car. He is currently restoring a Fabcar GTP car to run in vintage events. In his spare time, David enjoys spending time with his daughter Tracy. Since 1987, the business has grown to be the premier independent BMW service operation in Southeast Michigan. In 2004, David moved the business to it's new and present location at 2683 Orchard Lake Rd. Sylvan Lake, MI.

Derek Atkin is a recent full-time addition to Nikolas Motorsport. For several years Derek has built and maintained our web site, provided consultation on advertising, and assisted with office automation issues. He joins Nikolas Motorsport with an extensive background in advertising, web-based business development, and automotive technology. With the move to the new location, Derek has joined the staff on a full time basis. In addition to stepping up the emphasis on promoting the business, Derek works side by side with Bob, doing customer write-ups, estimates and preparing bills. In his spare time, Derek enjoys cars (what else would you expect), motorcycle riding and sailing. Email Derek at derek@nikolasmotorsport.com


Dave Blood has worked for Nikolas Motorsport on more than one occasion. He actually started as a high school co-op student. After graduation, he made the move to the BMW dealership organization. While in the dealership organization, Dave obtained the level of Certified BMW Diagnostic Technician. He is BMW certified on Technical Systems, Body Electronics, Engine Electronics, and Climate Control systems. Dave is well versed on all of the newer BMWs. While relatively young in years, Dave has more experience working specifically on BMWs than most technicians twice his age. Dave is a valued member of the Nikolas Motorsport team. He spends his spare time completing home remodeling projects and following the play of the Hillsdale College women's basketball team.

After 17 years at our current service facility, Nikolas Motorsport - BMW - Porsche Service has moved to a new and improved location. Our new address is 2683 Orchard Lake Road, Sylvan Lake, MI 48320. The telephone number is the same at 248-682-7755. A specific benefit of this location is the traffic light immediately in front of the building. This will enable you to easily and safely enter and exit in either direction on Orchard Lake Road at virtually any time of day.

Our new facility has been upgraded with much more room and improved functionality. If you have not been by yet, please feel free to stop in and have a look - even if you car does not need anything at the moment we would love to see you.